I'm having a new haircut..!

19 December 2009

I've decided to have my hair cut..! I've let my hair grown for around 3 years and I always loved looong hair (I love mine too!) but lately I'm getting bored with them.. I want something to look cool and modern without having to take special care of them!
So I decided something pretty short,a big change!! Of course,I keep the color!

My inspiration: Agyness Deyn.





but I'm thinking what kind of fringe to do,I guess something between the last two photos!

In praise of all the beauty that is called "you"

15 December 2009

I lay back,
lie down
and dream,dream of you.
I can hear music;
actually there is no sound around,
but I can clearly hear it..
Light petals flying above me
in the afternoon sky - the sun hasn't set yet.
I have no actual dreams; it's just you.

The petals fly with the wind,making swirls.
They bring a sweet smell.. oh,I can clearly recognise it.
I've smell it a thousand times,again and again
never enough of it.
It's so weird actually,imagining a smell
but I can.

This sweet breeze doesn't stop;
I have a faint hope that it'll bring you too,
I keep imagining your face,
I keep dreaming of looking at you.
With this light of the sun,
you'd look even more amazing love.

I keep thinking that you'll show up anytime.
I can even see it in my head.

You're such a weird combination my love.
Your dark hair.
Your so white skin,so soft,
with those rose cheeks when your cold,
it's adorable to a higher extend.
Your eyes. I've told you so many times.
They are my tiny suns,some times darker
like the time of day that the sun has almost set;
but other times so bright that I stare at you with difficulty
- mesmerazing.

Your heart is so kind that you make me feel like I'm worse than I thought I was.

I wish I could be lost with you
in a place that noone would find us.
Even if it last too little.
I wish I could walk with you in a forest,
lay down under the sky.
I wish there was a real place that you and I
always existed together.
If you ever find such a place my love,take me there.
I'll want nothing else.
I've already imagined it so many times.

Always yours.