New room, ballet, books
and dead flowers

27 April 2013

So, as you can see I can finally show you my room! I don't see it as 100% finished yet, but most of it is done! My favourite spots - pretty obvious - are the wall above my bed and my desk with the lovely shelf above. And the fairy lights, at night I light some candles and switch them on and it's oh so beautiful!

As for ballet, call me stupid but I wear my shoes and leotard in my room and try to do stuff. Looks stupid but make believe feels always nice! This dryed bouquet was given to me by my boyfriend this last November. It was the first aniversary we spent apart and it felt sad but we made it up to each other the next month.

Lately I've been too busy with blog designs, and bought new books and I just love to have a pile in my bookcase waiting to be read!


  1. your room is perfect, I love how tranquil it feels. I'm a big fan of lots of frames on the wall too! xx

  2. Now I like you even more.

  3. Goodness gracious, your room is divine! It is the perfect tranquil place. I have wanted fairy lights for so long, they definitely add a lot to your room.

    Don't feel silly about dancing in your room- I do it all the time as well!

    xx Carina

    1. Thank you!! :D I've wanted fairy lights for ages, and when I asked my mom where could I buy some she said she already had 2 packs and I was tempted to fill my room but used only one pack for the shelf..!

  4. Hello Chrisitina,

    thank you for adding some of my pictures on flickr to
    your favourites,so I found your blog. <3
    Your blog and your room looks so lovely.


  5. those photos are so beautiful and inspiring *_*

  6. θεε μου ποσο ομορφη! σπιτσλες!

  7. Lovely room dear. So happy I stumbled across your blog! Make believe does feel so nice and your room looks like the perfect place to dance :)