she smelled of roses
and fresh coffee and rain

18 September 2011

She has a new diary to write about shimmering dreams and first raindrops  of autumn and new books to get lost, one imaginary world after the other.

Her kitchen smells of tea or coffee - it depends on her mood. Sometimes it smells like vanilla. She leaves gold dust in her footsteps and weaves sun rays on the curtains.

Once in a while she picks flowers and put them on pillows - she realized they feed on dreams and don't die this way. She makes presents and little candies, she write love letters and lists of things that shouldn't be forgotten.

Her moon is always full.



  1. ahahhaha EINAI APOPSH - profanws. tha skasw mourh me to backpack kai olh h upoloiph tha eimai prosegmenh, prp apla na to 3eaxsw :P
    re ti OMORFO blog, diko sou to pony? (prospa8w na ginw asteia twra perimene)

  2. Teleies photografies...akrivws sto mood pou perimenw na bw me anipomonisia (molis doume kai ligo f8inoporo!!) Yperoxo blog mia glika <3

    Wizy Wiz

  3. Our mother moon should always be full. If it wasn't for the moon, I'd never know a proper love letter. The moon reminds us of those we love, but as we watch her glow, we never feel lonely.

    I adore the moon, like I adore your blog.
    Makes me feel tremendous inspiration

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  4. you´re such a poet ♥

    have a lovely weekend!

  5. love what you wrote and the pics are so inspiring :))))

  6. That was so beautiful!! and made me want to drink some tea! :D You are an amazing writer. and the pictures are lovely!

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