Letters: incoming and outcoming!

7 July 2012

At last I sat down and wrote all the letters I was suposed to write weeks ago! With the moving out and all the unpacking, I hadn't had much spare time (and to tell the truth I wanted to buy beautiful papers first!). So here are the last two letters I received and next are the two ones I wrote today! I'm planning on having 1 or 2 more pen pals because I can't get enough of pretty letters!

*I sprinled tiny stars under the tape on the closing of the first envelope and I stuck two bigger ones
at the light blue (actually it's an amazing aqua shade) one! 


  1. those envelops are super cute!!

  2. these letters are so gorgeous!
    X jane


  3. GUH such gorgeous snail mail! *_*

  4. I love that you still take the time to write letters; such a beautiful dying art! Beautiful envelopes too! xx

  5. Your blog is so beautiful, it's immediately quite obvious that you're in the business of web design! And you've also reminded me that I have a letter of my own to be getting on with, thanks!

  6. Ohh...lovely mail! :) I love snail mail! It's the best form of communication! If you're interested in more penpals, I would love to be your new penpal. Just email me and we can discuss it! My email is: once-upon-a-letter@hotmail.com.

  7. hi Christina!

    i love penpalling too! actually i just wrote about it on my site last night :)

    those envelopes are so pretty, you´re really creative. i also like designing my own, that way you can give them a personal touch.

    i would love to be your penpal if you want to =) if so, just tell me!


  8. Ohhh, I would some love penpals too! I love pretty letters :D