wit & whistle and typography love

23 July 2012

These new rubber stamps from wit & wistle are adorable! My favourite is the "This book belongs to:" one! Besides these stamps, there are also beautiful cards, mini notebooks, prints and other at the wit & whistle shop!

Also, be sure to check this amazing book all you type nerds out there! "Typography Sketchbooks is like a visual window into the minds of the world’s most exciting type designers and, in turn, into the intricate art-science of typography itself".


  1. These are lovely, perfect for pen pals <3 xx

  2. I will absolutely have to get hold of the "this book belongs to" stamp! x

  3. thank you so much for sharing these lovelies with us, Christina!

    i´ve fallen instantly in love with the rubber stamps, especially with the one for books *-* they´re such a great and practical idea!


  4. Hello! I discovered your blog just yesterday and it's so beautiful...! All of your posts have this vintage and melancholic feeling that I love! I am following you :)

    A fellow greek blogger from http://redrosecheeks.blogspot.gr/