Recent design work!

20 April 2013

This month has been rather busy (thank goodness)! The first blog design is for Katta Tubio's photography blog and the second for fashion+personal blog Harbour Master! I loved how the header images turned out in both blogs!

This one below is still on sample-mode because the lovely owner hasn't started blogging yet, but it's the latest wordpress blog I made in a lot of time so I wanted to share it with you! I especially loved the fixed navigation bar! View it here.


  1. you're so talented <3 I love your designs!x

  2. Hey Christina! Are you still doing these? They are gorgeous! Do you make them for free by request?
    -Jessica Lyons

    1. Hello Jessica! Thank you very much!
      No, I don't do them for free because it is my job and only income..!

  3. Hey Christina, I love your blog! I have and am unsure how to follow your blog with that? If you have any info on how to do that, it would be much appreciated! Thanks and have a wonderful day :)