Guest post: Greyscale Wishlist

22 September 2013

Hello there! This is Jessica from Feathers of Gold! Now that autumn is nearing, I naturally begin to gravitate towards neutral, soft, muted tones. I am in love with natural textures and prints, like this marble print silk scarf from Scout & Catalogue. Future Desert makes gorgeous prints of their photographic studies of natural minerals; I picked up one of their prints a few weeks ago and cannot stop gazing at it. Most of my shoes can be described using three words: black, leather, or boots, and those cut-out boots by Matiko certainly fit the bill.

feathers of gold "rutilated quartz abstract necklace" // berenik "printed silk pullover" // rennes "flat crackle pouch" // chiyome "lt grey slim bag" // scout & catalogue "oro verde, hand dyed silk scarf" // matiko "sawyer, cut-out ankle boots" // future desert "crystal print"


  1. I am loving all this stuff but that one purse is killing it ahhh love it.

  2. A lovely post, thank you Jessica!
    Really enjoy your wonderful shop

  3. haha! oxi kale...drums egw, kithara o filos mou..

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