I felt your fingers carressing my face as I was falling asleep..

28 April 2010

I called your name in my dream
held your hand
kissed your eyelids
your cheeks your forehead,
kept your lips for last.
my boy...

I wish you were lingering more in my dreams.
The time of the day isn't long enough
for me to get enough of you.
I wish I had more time,I wish I was somewhere else
somewhere that it'd be just the two of us.
And that you'll always feel as you felt from the beggining.



If my blog was a room it would smell like vanilla!

10 April 2010

Lately I really want to find a parfume that smells like vanilla because I love this scent soooo much!
I bought the Vanilla Body Mist from Body Shop yesterday and I haven't stopped smelling myself..! :P
I love everything with vanilla flavour: sweets,tea,coffe,creme and
anything else that comes in it! Oh,and caramel too!

cream & strawberries = the other best in the world!
of course this is my favorite when I go to Starbucks,Cream Caramel!


I watch the sunrise from my window

7 April 2010


woke up before 7 and the sky was so beautiful...


Karen Elson - The ghost who walks - Stolen roses

1 April 2010

The beautiful Karen Elson has announced her solo debut album and has released two songs for now, this one being my favourite! The album is called 'The Ghost Who Walks' and is out on May 24. Her husband - great musician/member of the White Stripes and other bands - Jack White is producing and playing drums in the album.
I searched for the lyrics but found nothing,still this song is stuck in my head today...