Summertime to-do list

22 June 2012

  • make beautiful envelopes & buy (cute) letter sets
  • write more letters (to new and old pen pals)
  • take more photos (of outfits, people and beautiful things)
  • buy more books
  • start writing again
  • take painting classes
  • find affordable ballet classes
  • work on websites
  • press flowers
  • get a pet bird
These past weeks have been so busy with exams and an approaching moving out and I really need to start doing inspiring things for myself again. I also plan on decorating my room and I’m sure it’s going to feel so much more dreamy and like me..!

photo by emiliebjork

1 comment:

  1. I really need to do some more creative and inspiring things.. redecorating sounds like a fun project, enjoy :) xo