Decor Inspiration

30 May 2012

These kitchens are to die for! I'm always daydreaming about the day I'll have my own house to decorate and live in, I tend to save/bookmark so many inspirational photos, as if it's gonna happen that soon...! All photos via pinterest, it's been a week or so that I made an account and decoration/interior design photos were the first thing I got stuck with!


{ Dahlia Fashion }

Hello lovelies! I know it's been ages since my last post but I didn't have much time for a proper post, lots of university work to do, problems with my internet connection and when I had the time I usually ended up on tumblr or pinterest instead of here..! Two days ago I found about a giveaway Here Comes the Sun was having for anything you'd like from Dahlia and I fell so in love with their dresses! Check the website here!