Long time no talk!

27 November 2014

Hello everyone! I hate to leave my blog like that, no posts in weeks, but I've targeted my free time on building my personal website! Other designers need almost a year to finish and others just a few months, personally I still have no idea..! It's the usual problem, making something professional enough but also to present your style, and I like so many design styles, I'll probable change my homepage a million times before I'm done!

Anyways, in the meantime check this perfectly decorated home, this amazing ultra-modern clock and these lovely Christmas wrapping printables by my friend Lorelai!


  1. Wow Christina! I've just discover your blog through your comment on mine and I absolutely love it! BRB following you everywhere and putting you in my blogroll :D

  2. Hehehe thanks Candice!! Following you back as well! :)

  3. This is my first time to comment on your post but I've been a reader of your blog for quite some time now. LEt me just say how much I freakin love your desk. This is like perfect. :D

    - whatkennyhears.com

  4. hehehe this is actually a mock-up!! But very realistic for sure! (some photos of my room are in this post) Thanks though! I just found your blog today! :)